RunniRunBradford-logong and the broader sport of athletics is a really healthy exercise which benefits individuals and our communities. We want everybody to enjoy this activity in the way that thousands in our district already do.

You will find many ways to take part – whether you’re a complete bSportsShareeginner or you want enhanced training programmes. From school children to college students through to veteran runners, from individualised training plans iqoption download to training in neighbourhood groups or clubs.

All these activities are supported by volunteers from clubs in two overlapping organisations (Bradford Athletics Network and Airedale Athletics) and are overseen by the social enterprise, SportsShare, set up by them both.
Bradford Athletics Network
Airedale Athletics

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Where we're coming from...

The Bradford Athletics Network

Developing running and athletics in Bradford and the West Riding of Yorkshire - read about us here!

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Read about local athletics news published in the Telegraph & Argus and other West Yorkshire papers.

Our Activities

Run Bradford

Groups for absolute beginners.

Our Events

Bradford City Runs, EA Bradford 10K and other events.

Schools athletics

Cross-country, SportsHall, track & field, and road running.

Enhanced Training

Coached training sessions for runners and other athletes. Registrations for our new programmes are now open!