Club Challenge

Rules of the Event

1. Clubs, associations, leagues and athletics networks registered with UK Athletics(hereafter ‘Eligible Teams’) are welcome to enter teams into the Bradford City Runs Club Challenge, receive a financial reward, and take part in a closed competition.

Additionally, secondary schools and further or higher education institions, other sports clubs and Run England groups may enter teams*, by prior approval of the Race Director. If in doubt about eligibility, please consult the Race Director. [*Note that, notwithstanding, only runners currently registered with UK Athletics are entitled to the £2 race-entry discounts for attached runners.]

2. Teams shall comprise a minimum of ten entrants in any of the Bradford City Runs events, namely the 5k, 10k and half-marathon road races. Individual athletes must register themselves in their respective event, paying the appropriate registration fee. Each runner should indicate the name of the team for which they are running. If they register their team-name incorrectly (e.g. their first-claim club, when they are in a representative of composite team), they must notify the Race Director at least 48 hours before the event.

3. Each Eligible Team shall be paid, after the event (and upon provision of full bank transfer details to the Race Director), the following refunds for use as they see fit by their club, association, league or network:
(i) £50 for 10 to 14 registered, eligible runners
(ii) £100 for 15 to 19 registered, eligible runners
(iii) £150 for 20 or more registered, eligible runners.

4. A Closed Competition, as defined by UK Athletics, shall be held for Eligible Teams and their runners within the 10k road-race at the Bradford City Runs. Separate male and female competitions will be held, for three categories of teams:
(i) club teams, using first-claim ‘road runners’ only, provided that a minimum of six males are entered and/or four females in the 10k race;
(ii) 2nd teams for the clubs above where twelve men complete and/or eight women complete the 10k race (and the second six or four respectively count for the second teams);
(iii) representative or composite teams, at the discretion of the Race Director.

Finishing times of all eligible runners in the 10k race shall be extracted from the overall Bradford City Runs 10k results, and divided by sex. The first male shall score 1 point, the second 2 points and so on. The first female shall score 1 point, the second 2 points and so on. Should a registered runner fail to start (‘DNS’) or finish (‘DNF’) the race, that runner shall score 1 point more than the final finishers in the men or women’s, as appropriate, plus a penalty of 25 points. (Thus, if 200 men finish, a DNS of DNF runner would score 201+25 or 226 points.). The team per category with the lowest cumulative points shall win.

5. Composition of teams by category, for scoring purposes, shall be:

a. Men: Club 1st Teams – first six male finishers (plus penalty scores for DNS or DNF runners)

b. Women: Club 1st Teams – first four female finishers (plus penalty scores for DNS or DNF runners)

c. Men: Club 2nd Teams – 7th to 12th finishers from the club’s eligible male runners (incomplete teams are disqualified)

d. Women: Club 2nd Teams – 5th to 8th finishers from the club’s eligible female runners (incomplete teams are disqualified)

e. Men: Representative, Composite or Select Teams - first six male finishers (plus penalty scores for DNS or DNF runners)

f. Women: Representative, Composite or Select Teams - first four female finishers (plus penalty scores for DNS or DNF runners)

6. All team runners shall wear their team’s registered competition kit, or a common, distinct kit. Each runner must ensure that he or she wears the number and timing chip provided by the race organisation against his or her entry details. Misallocation to another runner shall disqualify that runner from the team competition, and the Race Director reserves the right to disqualify the entire team.

7. The minimum age of any athlete registered in any of these teams shall be 15 years on the day of the 10k race (other minimum ages apply to the 5k (age 11) and half-marathon (age 17) races).

8. Each competing club and each association, league or athletics network shall declare a Captain or Manager who shall be the spokesperson for the Eligible Team in all dealings with the Race Director.

The Race Director reserves the right to disqualify individuals or teams, or apply appropriate penalties for infringements of these rules or those of the national governing body. In all disputes the decision of the Race Director shall be final.

Entry Details

1. Individuals wishing to take part in the 10k Closed Competition should enter their details, naming the Eligible Team for which they will be running, at 10k race entry page.

2. Alternatively, if a member runner does not wish to take part in the Closed Competition, they should enter one of the other races at 5k race entry page or HM race entry page. While their race position will not score for the Club Challenge Closed Competition, their entry will be registered towards the refund paid to their club or association.

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