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Fartlek is Swedish for ‘speed play’ and is a variation of interval training, swapping intensities from hard to low. it was developed before the war, in 1937, by Swedish coach Gösta Holmér. Hardy Matamala, a colleague who ran for Airedale Athletics for several years before returning home to start coaching in Chile, recommended this guidance to us.

For a 4-week fartlek plan which is ideal for springtime, when you have completed your hard winter miles, and are ready to break into race-season, with a 5k or 10k or similar target race, see Fartlek (4-week series).

Buildup Workouts for a 10k PB

Mick Brearley offers us the following 4-week series of workouts, in the final week of which the workout consists of 3 x 2 miles at your target 10k race pace. In addition there is an 8-week programme which integrates these workouts into it, as a lead-up to a target 10k race.

For details see 10k PB Workouts.

10 Tips for Training for your First Race

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