Injury Prevention

Physiotherapists and Sports Masseurs

Preventing yourself from getting injured is obviously far better than getting injured, losing 2-6 weeks through a muscle tear or worse. Physiotherapists and sports masseurs, particularly those experienced with dealing with runners, if chosen correctly, can help in the following ways:

  • identifying weaknesses in muscles and joints, and providing remedial treatment and exercises
  • identifying and rectifying imbalances in your body, left-right, upper-lower, and between limbs
  • rectifying old injuries or scar tissue or other problems that have developed over years
  • stresses within the body which may reflect mental stresses.

For a list of therapists in your locality you can consult the Therapy Directory. Massage therapists are listed in particular here; and physiotherapists here.


Acupuncturists and other alternative therapies can provide similar support for your general health, and for running in particular. So-called “Chinese acupuncture” (as opposed to medical acupuncture) is based on ancient Chinese and Japanese medical knowledge, and focuses on balancing energy systems within your body. Read more here about the “stomach 36” pressure-point, which is well-known by marathon runners and others active in endurance sport events. A list of acupuncturists in West Yorkshire can be found here.

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