Enhanced Training Fees

The Enhanced Training for Runners sessions are organised into 11 to 14-week blocks. There are normally two sessions per week: a gym-based strength and conditioning session and a track-based interval session. In the summer there may only be one session per week so this would be charged at the single session fee only. The fees are as follows:

Initial ‘taster’ session: FREE (first gym and first track session you attend).

11 to 14 weeks, one gym or track session (2 hours each) per week: £50

11 to 14 weeks, two sessions (gym and track) per week: £80

You can join part-way through a block – the fees above are reduced if there are less than 10 weeks remaining in the current block.

Single session fee: £6 per session (any single session payments you’ve made will be deducted from the total if you subsequently decide to sign up for the whole block).

Fees include all venue and coaching/instructor costs. Free parking is available at both gym and track sessions.

Payments may be made at the sessions or by PayPal. See our payments page for more details on how to pay.

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